Our Story

Dear BookiSh friend,

BookiSh is based in Riga, Latvia and created by two sisters. BookiSh is about love for books and simplicity.  As you see, our shirt design is simple, but to a book friend it will tell a story. Some illustrations are quite literal and related to the book`s title, some refer to its content, and some are just a caption of personal reading experience. They represent our memory, feeling and taste of the book.
For now we have created illustrations for some of our favorite books, but we keep growing and our shirt collection will be enriched continuously. We want you to be reminded of great times spent with the book, characters you met and thoughts you had while reading. And also, we just want you to look great - simple and bookish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
P.S. - If you have book illustration suggestions - contact us, we`d love to hear them!